A Squirrel's Life

The daily doings, recipes, stories, art and commissions of the one and only ArtSquirrel.

Welcome one and all to my mental playground.

A book itself threatens to kill its author repeatedly during its composition,
Michael Chabon

By far an large I am no one famous. For every comment or reader I get I am very grateful - especially because my days are so hectic.

From my personal writing to requested fan fictions, fashion designs and recipes to my daily experiences and travel - I enjoy sharing my story.

If you're like me and you take delight in reading about others and their lives whether it is FaceBook, Instagram, DeviantArt, Pinterest... Ebaum's World... Then I hope that you can find some enjoyment from this website. I most certainly hope to hear back from you either way. I should point out that, seeing the stories herein are from my mind, I do have a Disclaimer system in place. Just for peace of mind (I'm doing this for you), please read the disclaimer page and those listed with each story. Some of this stuff is not for immature individuals - it's not an age thing - and some of it is not for people with gentle sensibilities. I just want everyone to enjoy the time they are here.

So that's about it.

Welcome & Enjoy!

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