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(some) People Suck!

Posted by The Almighty L on November 27, 2010 at 5:12 PM

It's the holidays. There's supposed to be a wonderful feeling of caring and brotherhood this time of year. Instead people get trampled at Black Friday deals. Charity scams steal from those out there that are on fixed incomes. People break into others' homes and cars to steal presents for children and loved ones that can't be replaced because the economy sucks and most people are scraping change to by gifts this year.

Ususaly, I just shake my head at people that do these things but today...



I got to work today at 830. I got out at about 1450. My day was a bit boring but otherwise good. I get out to my car, start to get in and then suddenly wonder, did I leave my window down all day? In 30 degree weather? No. No, I didn't. Some jerk off decided to smash in my front passenger side window... and NOT take anything!!!

I had a $100 radar detector still sitting right on my dash. A change cup with probably $10 in it. I even had a box of fruit snacks, granola bars and bottles of juice on the passenger seat from a quick store stop I made that morning. All of it was still there.

I mean if you're going to break into someone's car at least take something! Make it worth both of your time to deal with this BS. I mean this ass is going to end up costing me $250 that I don't have! I'm already behind in my bills from having to pay medical bills for procedure to remove a tumor two months ago. Now, I have to pay a deductible and get a loaner (which, thankfully, my insurance is covering).

I can only think of three things reasons that someone would do this and not take anything:

1. they did it out of boredom just to vandalize something (or they have something against Homeland Security)

2. they did it to steal stuff but lost their nerve when someone pulled into the parking lot

3. I have someone out there that doesn't like me that I don't know about

I would love to ask this person why.


Why are you making me pay money that I don't have to fix your stupid choice? Why don't you give a damn that people out there are in dire straights and don't need crap like this? I've had to scrape and save to pay for the things I have and never, NEVER, would it cross my mind to steal from someone. Maybe their parents didn't teach them that stealing was wrong or maybe they're just idiots, I don't know. I just wish that karma bites them in the ass for me.


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Reply Darrel
11:58 AM on January 8, 2011 
Thief? Vandalism? Nothing is missing? Very strange! My guess would be either, frozen widow cracked then as the day warmed the crack expanded shattering the window, or frozen window bumped by person parked next to you cracking the window and afraid to admit it. Even a Vandal would take your things.

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