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Posted by Art Squirrel on March 8, 2017 at 11:50 AM

Hello all...

So it seems I've been a bit lacking on the whole creative side lately. Life outside of the interwebs can be taxing but I need my creative outlet back. Does that mean I will be finishing long paused stories right away? No - sorry. Does it mean that I will be tinkering and slowly treading back into the written word? Yes, yes it does.

I will most likely begin with reorganizing and updating the site over all. A bit of blogging here and there. I have two big events coming up in March and I would like to get my webstore up and running. Eventually, There will be a Patreon link to add to the PayPal donation tab. My Uber side hustle and full time job pay the bills but don't support hobbies.

So check back again from time to time. I will be adding a calander so that you can see when things might get going.

My ultimate goal for this site is to post my literary works, fashion designs and travel blog - so it is literally all that and a bag of squirrels.... Speaking of which! We have a new domain name:


Here's to a new year and hopefully a more productive one.

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